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Kylie Cimen
Author,Creative Writer and 

Bachelor of Applied Science (major Chemistry/minor Mathematics), Curtin University of Technology

Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary Education), Curtin University of Technology

Diploma in Children’s Writing – Australian College of Journalism

Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment

Certificate IV in Training Development

Certificate IV in Training Implementation

Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching

Advanced Diploma of Personnel and Operations Management

Diploma of Government (Management)

Advanced Diploma of Government

Working with Children


Kylie has over 20 years experience in the Australian Learning and education system, predominantly in the military, adult education (TAFE) and corporate environments.  


Kylie has transferred this experience to her leadership roles in the Cub Scouts – 2nd Werribee Scouts and to the Australian primary schools context where she has delivered workshops to children of all ages on the creative writing process. 


The series of creative writing workshops complimented the launch of her much loved children’s stories, namely

'Clara Worry Cloud' and 'Five Steps to Lizardland'


As an experienced educator and mother of four adult children, Kylie takes a nurturing approach to the craft of understanding the English language. 


She also offers performance coaching that will ensure your child reaches their full potential in all aspects of their learning.    To find out how to contact Kylie email

Kenneth Woo
Interpretor and Translator
Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 19.00.47.png

Kenneth translates documents in a variety of areas for both individual and corporate clients from Australia, the United Kingdom, China and the Netherlands.   He also provides quality assessment services for corporate clients to aid them in their recruitment.   Kenneth has provided Chinese language support for the Oxford Dictionaries team from 2011 to 2015.   Kenneth holds a Bachelor’s Degree, Polymer Science and Engineering · (2005 年 9 月 - 2011年 6 月) from 教育经历 Hainan University

 Owner of 'Into Good Chinese'


Kenneth is a Professional English to ChineseTranslator' with over ten years of experience.


He provides high-quality, expert document translation, book translation, proofing, and quality assessment services for both individual and corporate clients.   He translate almost anything except highly specialized texts such as patents and scientific papers.   Some of the most common types of documents he has translated include marketing copies and brochures, user manuals, business reports, contracts & agreements, government website content, and school website content.   He  primarily translates into Chinese, but from time to time into English too, usually in collaboration with a native-speaking professional.


The following are a few books and some of the typical projects he has  worked on:


1. "A Chinese Crusade Against Ebola: True Stories of Doctors Fighting Ebola in Africa"


(Chinese into English, in collaboration with Nicola Farey);


2. "A Biography of Chu Jiwang" (Chinese into English, in collaboration with Nicola Farey).


Typical projects are Business, Contracts and formal Agreements of a legal, enforceable nature.

For example:


1. 'Doing Business in Australia' brochure. ( 23,894 words)


2. Subscription Deed ( 27,788 words)


3. Shareholders’ Agreement.  (18,800 words)

4. Online journalism course. (15,675 words) 

5. Publishing house website content (10,459 words)


6. Study Gold Coast website content. (9,352 words)


Marketing & Advertising


1. Australian fashion retailer website localisation. (12,466 words)


2. Marketing copy for luxury shops at Brisbane Airport. (2,339 words)


3. Marketing copy for an Australian Institute of Sport. (4,595 words)


Tourism & Hospitality


1. 'Study in Australia' website (12,374 words) 


2. Airline website content.  (17,930 words)


3. Hotel pamphlet, (8,204 words)


Government & Corporate


1. "Monash City Council (Australia) Policy Documents. (14,596 words)


2. "Nokia Business Ethics Training Manual".    (8,546 words)


3. Corporate policies of a UK company, (9,536 words) 

2. Introduction to food processing equipment, (15,700 words)


3. Program installation guide, (5,202 words)

You can contact Kevin by sending an email to:




Zhuocai Ouyang
Artist and Academic

Ouyang is an Associate Professor in the School of Fine Arts of Jiangxi Normal University, where he has been teaching and inspiring students since 2005.


He is also the Director of a Art Foundation Department where he is in charge of  basic undergraduate education.


In addition, He is the Director of oil paintings at the School of Fine Arts.    Over the years he has taught a great number of students to create excellent works, which are exhibited and awarded in different exhibitions.


He has been awarded  Prominent Teacher status at the Jiangxi Normal University several times.  In recent years, He  has concentrated on oil paintings and published a range of paintings on the academic journals.


Ouyang's oil paintings are selected and awarded in a many nationwide exhibitions.

Bachelor of Arts.

Jiangxi Normal University

Master of Arts in Oil Painting.

Nanjing University of The Arts.

During this period his painting "Lonely Sitter" was  selected for display in the 10th China National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Jiangsu Province and exhibited in the Ten Fingers Joint Exhibition of Fine Arts.

He has also studied at the Beijing Likeran Art Academy.

and the China Academy of Art. 

Associate Professor Ouyang is also a member of the Chinese Artists Association, the Jiangxi Province Artists Association and a member of the Jiangxi Province Youth Artists Association.



  • 2018, Freeze was selected into 2018 Chinese Realistic Painting Invitation Exhibition.

  • 2016, Ji III was selected into 2018 Chinese Spirits-National Oil Painting Exhibition.

  • 2015,Ji was selected into the 5th National Youth Fine Art Exhibition.

  • 2015, Weiwei Taihang was selected into the First Jiangxi Fine Art Exhibition.

  • 2014, Freeze was selected into The Twelfth National Exhibition of Fine Arts.

  • 2013, Pilgrimage was awarded the Best Artwork at the First Pilgrimage* Dunhuang National Art Painting Competition.

  • 2013, Portrait of Landscape was exhibited the Blue and Yellow-A joint exhibition of Contemporary Chinese art by close to one-hundred young and middle-aged Chinese artists showing in Europe and America, (during Sep 2, 2013 to Sep 7, 2016, exhibited in the London Moore Gallery)

  • 2013, Game-One was selected into the Jiangxi Oil Painting Exhibition and awarded the First Prize.

  • 2012, Ji II was shown in the Jiangxi Youth Fine Art Exhibition and awarded the First Prize.

  • 2011, Ji I was shown at the Cultural Jiangnan-Oil Painting Exhibition.

  • 2011, Distant Mountains won the third prize at the 1st Beauty of Tibet National Art Competition

  • 2011, Ji II was published in Chinese Oil Painting Issued Sixth.

  • 2010, Qi Pan was selected in the first Jiangxi Oil Painting Exhibition and won the Bronze Award.

  • 2009, Ji was selected in the eleventh China National Art Exhibition, Jiangxi Province; and won the Second Prize.

  • 2008, participated the first Jiangxi Province Oil Painting Exhibition.

  • 2007, Ji was shown in the Jiangxi Oil Painting Annual Exhibition and awarded the First Prize.

  • 2006, Black Cloud was shown in the Jiangxi Oil Painting Annual Exhibition and awarded the Second Prize.

To speak with Ouyang email:

You can also arrange a meeting with him by contacting WeChat:   aussiehonker


Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 06.33.54.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 06.50.09.png

James Kartal Gülgeçer

James has over 14 years’ experience in the international education sector where he has worked with children and adults of all age groups. The subjects he has taught include English, History, Maths, Business and Social Studies. 

After working in the UK, South Korea and Thailand, James has also lived and worked in several cities in China including Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Ningbo and Suzhou. He has appreciation and respect for the experiences of his students. 

Currently working towards an interdisciplinary PhD in the UK, James is also involved in a cross-national research project that analyses education to employment transitions in China. You can check out his research project, namely Precarious Work and Future Careers, here:

James will help you develop your Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening skills to work towards your objectives, discussing your plans and helping you to achieve your goals. This could be through consultations, application processes, proposals, exam preparation, English lessons and general conversation. He can also provide help through editing and proofreading for your writing. 


You can contact James by 

Email: or WeChat: Eaglemetamorphose



PhD in Education -

University of Glasgow, UK


Master of Education (M.Ed) -

University of Glasgow, UK


BA Degree in Law -

University of the West of Scotland, UK


University of Cambridge 

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) -

University of Glasgow, UK 


WeChat ID :


James is happy to assist students at the Tertiary level.   He has a wide range of skills and an appreciation of what it is like to study and teach in China.

Robert Hitchcock


Robert Charles Hitchcock  is an Australian sculptor.


He commenced his career in 1970 and works in a wide variety of subjects and materials.


Hitchcock is one of the leading portrait sculptors currently working in Australia today.

He is known for his life size (and super life size) bronze sculptures which are located in private collections as well as public works of art in Australia and overseas.

You will find his website here:


Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 20.42.32.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 20.43.34.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 20.40.42.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 20.44.44.png
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